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November 19, 20016 at Wheeling Island Casino
Doors Open:  5:30 pm
Bell Time: 7:00 pm

Matt Conway (6-0-0) vs Zack Kuhn (9-2-1)
8rds for the WV State Welterweight Title

JR Hines (25-12-2) vs Anthony Ford (23-11-1)
5rds for the ISKA North American Muay Thai Kickboxing Title

Devin Vargas (18-4-0) vs Daniel Martz (14-4-1)
8rds of Professional Boxing

Travis Clark (10-0-0) vs  Thad Berkhousen (4-3-2)
8rds of Professional Boxing

Josh Himes (8-2-0) vs Jason Pauley (5-20-0)
6rds of Professional Boxing

Josh Baker (8-0-0-) vs Adrian Ortega (6-6-1)
5rds of Professional MMA

Josh Fisher (4-3-0) vs Austin Marcum (10-7-1)
6rds of Professional Boxing

Mike Conway (Pro. Debut) vs Chris Kuhn (0-2-0)
4rds of Professional Boxing

Hunter Haines (5-0-0) vs  TBA
3rds of Amateur Boxing

Alex Quinn (3-0-0) vs Adrian Lopez (1-2-0)
3rds of Amateur MMA

Mike Fisher (3-2-0) vs Chris Woods (1-3-0)
3rds of Amateur Boxing

Jeff Wells (Am. Debut) vs Cody Matthews (Am. Debut)
3rds of Amateur Boxing

Kamron Chevernak (Am. Debut) vs Anne Oakes (Am. Debut)
3rds of Amateur Boxing

All bouts are sanctioned and subject to change, pending approval by the
West Virginia State Athletic Commission
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